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Hottest careers post-COVID

As Covid-19 continues to keep a lot of the population at home, there continues to

be an increased need for business development, account management, and

most favorably digital design & engineering hires. Businesses have continued

their transition to remote work & service, and have recognized the pros and cons

of doing so.

According to LinkedIn, the “Roles with the most LinkedIn job posts of February

2021” are... (LinkedIn blog)

All of the top 10 jobs come with comfortable salaries, however, according to U.S.

News & World Report 100 Best Jobs list Software Developer is the #1 best job in

the United States. As the need for these jobs increase, so do the training and

education programs offered to potential employees. The implementation of digital

tools and technologies has been drastically hurried due to Covid-19, and the

need to work digitally and remotely have been made apparent.

In addition to these jobs being in high demand, they also compliment the need to

work remotely or out of the office, as employees can perform the task from

anywhere that has internet connection. Businesses are increasing the use of

digital products, tools to make remote work smoother for their employees, and

ways to provide their service or product digitally to the consumer. In addition

project managers, HR, Marketing & Cybersecurity are all seeing high demands in

the workforce.

This can all become very confusing when looking for your next hire. Our experienced

team at Hirics specializes in this very topic. Our streamlined, affordable & flexible hiring

process is a great fit for employers & employees alike. If you’re looking for your next

hire or a new career, Contact Hirics today

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